AWAKEN (AmanaZen)

• Breakfast or morning tea (2 options choose from)
• Spa 60 min
• Relaxing or deep tissue massage 55 min

Promotional Price

Total time of experience 150/180 minutes
120 euros per person/ 220 euros for two people
Contact us for special prices for groups

Surprise yourself with a special start to the day!
Start your special day with a healthy and delicious breakfast or morning tea.
Continue your experience in our Urban Spa treating your body with a relaxing or deep tissue massage of your choice.

Come and enjoy an unparalleled, multi-sensory experience!

Begin this special moment by laying back on the hot stone beds to relax your muscles. Take a seat in the warm waters of the jacuzzi and simultaneously relax your back and legs. Experience a gentle neck massage under the waterfall or dare to try the deeper water pressure under the geysers and spouts. Float among the bubbles, alone or with friends, and finish with the incomparable sensation of the water jets.

Don’t forget to try the dry sauna, its high temperature and eucalyptus aroma will repair your joints and muscles while clearing your airways. Enjoy the dramatic temperature contrast with the refreshing sensation of ice cold water from the Swiss bucket shower. Complete this circuit of health with the benefits of the hammam which cleanses your skin, eliminates toxins and regulates blood pressure.

Wait! That’s not all!

Discover the lounges submerged in the bubbles of the jacuzzi, relax with your favourite book or disconnect your mind listening to our relaxing music and the soft sounds of water.

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